#PEBKAC on EFnet (IRC)

  • This chat is for help with abgx360. For help with flashing an Xbox 360 drive go here instead.

  • If you came here to ask when will a game be verified, please go away. Games get verified by trusted uploaders buying/renting the game, ripping it (twice) and then uploading the files to the database. Until that happens, the game will NOT be verified. There is no 'timeframe' as to when a game will be verified.

  • Help us help you! Show us exactly what you're seeing.
  • Windows users can copy the output from an abgx360 log window using this method:
    1. Wait until it's done checking your game and right click inside the window.
    2. Click "Select All".
    3. Right click again and the text is now copied.
    4. Paste it in the Code box on this website, click submit and then give us the link from your browser's address bar.
  • Be patient! People are NOT sitting here staring at their screens 24/7 waiting to jump at the opportunity to help every retard that comes by!

WARNING: You may be banned from abgx360.net if you ask when will something get verified! STFU and just wait patiently or else you won't be able to verify/AutoFix your precious game when it eventually does get verified, because your computer will be forbidden to access the database! THIS WILL BE YOUR ONLY WARNING! COMPLAINERS WILL BE BANNED!