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GUI autofix tab

AutoFixCustomSettingsCustom settings
AutoFixForOwnRipsRecommended for your own/trusted rips
AutoFixForUntrustedRipsFor untrusted rips
AutoFixL0Level 0 - Do not AutoFix
AutoFixL1Level 1 - AutoFix if stealth fails
AutoFixL2Level 2 - AutoFix if stealth is uncertain and fails verification
AutoFixL3Level 3 - AutoFix if stealth passes but fails verification
AutoFixTextAutoFix Threshold:
AutoFixTipChoose the threshold at which abgx360 will attempt to find verified stealth files and automatically patch them if found. Level 1 or 2 is recommended for your own rips and Level 3 is recommended for someone else's rips that you don't fully trust.
FixDRTFix SS v1 Challenge/Response table if data is invalid
FixDRTTipabgx360 decrypts the host's CCRT (Crypted Challenge Response Table) and combines it with the drive's deobfuscated table in order to validate or invalidate the data stored in an additional table used by hacked firmwares to replay responses to challenges issued by the host. Some invalid conditions can't or shouldn't be fixed, but enabling this option will fix the most common conditions like missing C/R data caused by old buggy ripping firmwares or worn out drives. This data is always checked whether this option is enabled or not and an error message will appear if any data is missing or invalid. This option applies to SS v1 only and has no effect on other SS versions.
FixSSv1AnglesAdjust SS v1 angles that deviate from the CCRT by more than:
FixSSv1AnglesTipEnabling this option will adjust the replay angles for Challenge Types 24 and 25 (Response Types 7 and 5) back to their CCRT targets if they deviate more than X% (default = 5%). See "Angle Deviation and You" under the Quickstart tab for more on this. Deviation is always checked whether this option is enabled or not and a warning message will appear if any angle deviates more than 5%. This option applies to an SS v1 only and has no effect on other SS versions.
ReplaceSSv1Replace an SS v1 with an SS v2 if available
ReplaceSSv2Replace an SS v2 if the angles are different from the database SS v2
WarnSSv2AnglesAlert me if SS v2 angles deviate from the CCRT by more than:

GUI errors

abgx360GUIErrorabgx360 GUI ERROR

GUI file dialogs

ChooseADirectoryChoose a directory
ChooseAFileChoose a file
SaveAsSave as

GUI input panel

BurnedDVDBurned DVD
MatchOnlyMatch Only:
OpenButtonTTipDirectoryOpen Directory
OpenButtonTTipFilesOpen File(s)
SetSpeedSet Speed:
WriteDisableDisable Writes

GUI iso browser

IB_ContextMenu_ExtractAllExtract &all in ISO
IB_ContextMenu_ExtractAllExceptExtract &all in ISO except for $SystemUpdate folder
IB_Menu_ExcludeSystemUpdate&Don't extract $SystemUpdate folder when extracting all in ISO
IB_Menu_OpenBurnedDVDOpen &Burned DVD
IB_Menu_OpenISOFile&Open ISO File...
IB_Menu_ReopenISOFile&Reopen ISO File
IB_ParsingFilesystemParsing Filesystem...
IB_Titleabgx360 ISO Filesystem Browser/Extractor
IB_TotalBytesUsedTotal Bytes Used:
IB_TotalFilesTotal Files:
IB_TotalFoldersTotal Folders:
IB_TreeContextMenu_CollapseAll&Collapse All
IB_TreeContextMenu_ExpandAll&Expand All

GUI manual patch/extract tab

ClobberOverwrite these files without prompting
ExtractDMIExtract DMI
ExtractPFIExtract PFI
ExtractSSExtract SS
ExtractVideoExtract Video
ManuallyPatchOrExtractFilesManually Patch or Extract Files
PatchDMIPatch DMI
PatchIfInvalidPatch even if these files are invalid
PatchIfStealthPassesPatch even if stealth passes
PatchIfStealthPassesTipThe default behavior is to patch only if stealth fails and isn't AutoFixed, or stealth is uncertain and isn't verified/AutoFixed
PatchIfVerifiedPatch even if verification passes
PatchPFIPatch PFI
PatchSSPatch SS
PatchVideoPatch Video

GUI menu bar

Menu_abgx360net_statusGo to the official home of abgx360 to get the latest news and updates or join the chat for help.
Menu_About_statusAbout abgx360 GUI
Menu_ClearHistory&Clear History
Menu_DeleteSettings&Delete Settings...
Menu_DeleteSettings_statusDelete saved settings
Menu_Exit_statusQuit abgx360 GUI
Menu_IsoFilesystemBrowserISO Filesystem &Browser/Extractor...
Menu_LoadSettings&Load Settings...
Menu_LoadSettings_statusLoad saved settings
Menu_MakeADonation&Help support abgx360 development!
Menu_MakeADonation_statusMake a donation
Menu_OpenInput&Open Input...
Menu_ReopenDirectoryR&eopen Directory
Menu_ReopenFiles&Reopen File(s)
Menu_SaveSettings&Save Settings...
Menu_SaveSettings_statusSave current settings
Menu_WhereImagesWhere is my &Images folder...
Menu_WhereImages_statusFind out where your Images are stored and automatically open the folder if you want.
Menu_WhereStealthFilesWhere is my Stealth&Files folder...
Menu_WhereStealthFiles_statusFind out where your StealthFiles are stored and automatically open the folder if you want.

GUI misc tab

EmbedImagesEmbed them in HTML
ExtractImagesAlwaysExtract images always
ExtractImagesHTMLExtract images when using HTML output
ExtractImagesNeverDon't extract images
ExtraOptionsTextAdd extra command line options here (for advanced users only):
ImagesTipThis refers to the game icon, achievement icons and gamer pictures located within the Xex title resource. Images are extracted to your "Images" folder (Press Ctrl+I to find it) with filename "Title ID-Image ID.png" (the Title ID will always be displayed when extracting images so that you can find them easily; also note that the game icon will always be Image ID 00008000). Images are only displayed by abgx360 when using HTML output, but you can choose to extract them always if you're using them for your own purpose. Note that not every Xex has a title resource (most bonus discs don't) and therefore images (as well as various strings and achievements) are not always available.

You can optionally choose to embed them in the HTML source code as data URIs for better portability (when using HTML output), otherwise the HTML source will contain absolute links to the images in your local "Images" folder.
MyRegionYour console's region code:
MyRegionTipOptionally enter your console's region so abgx360 can display your game's region code in the appropriate color. If a game won't work on your console, the region code will be displayed in red so you won't overlook it and accidentally burn it. You can select multiple regions if you have multiple consoles.
PreferredLangTextPreferred Dashboard Language:
PreferredLangTipThis will be the preferred language used when abgx360 displays strings from the Xex title resource such as the game description, achievements, avatar awards, etc. Languages that rely heavily on unicode characters are best viewed using HTML output. If the game does not support your preferred language, abgx360 will use the English language strings. Set the Verbosity Level under the Options tab to High if you want to see which languages are supported by an Xex.
SimplifiedChineseSimplified Chinese
TraditionalChineseTraditional Chinese

GUI options tab

CheckCorruptionCheck Game Partition CRC always
CheckCorruptionTipChecks the game data CRC even if a verified ini was not found. This means that abgx360 will always search for the obvious signs of AnyDVD style corruption, but note that in order for other types of corruption to be detected (for example: single bit errors commonly caused by an unstable computer system), a verified ini must be found.
CheckDVDFileCheck/Create .dvd file
CheckDVDFileTipChecks that your ISO has a matching .dvd file with the correct layerbreak and iso filename and corrects it if not. If the .dvd file does not exist, it is created.
CheckForUpdatesTip"Check for updates" will check for updates to abgx360.dat, which contains things like the latest version available and the most current PFI/Video waves. Disabling this option is not recommended because you won't be notified when a new version of abgx360 is available and abgx360 might not be using the latest list of PFI/Video waves, among other important things.

The "Include the CSV" option will check for updates to GameNameLookup.csv, which is used to look up the full verbose game name entered in the online database. This isn't really necessary since abgx360 can retrieve the game name directly from the default.xex, but you may still find it useful when the Xex's game name is heavily abbreviated (developers can only use a maximum of 22 characters) or there's no title resource present, or maybe you're just checking SS/DMI files and would like to know which game they're from.
CheckGameCRCWhenNeededCheck Game Partition CRC when needed
CheckVideoPaddingCheck/Fix Video padding
CheckVideoPaddingTipChecks that Video partitions are zero padded and pads them with zeros if not. This does not affect stealth and is most definitely a waste of time because whatever data is in the padding area is not even visible to the Xbox 360 host. So it doesn't matter if you enable this option or not, but you'll save some time if you leave it disabled. This should not be confused with the random padding check which is always performed on the game partition; that data IS visible to the Xbox 360 host and an ISO without random padding in the game partition will probably not even boot.
CSVUpdateInclude the CSV
DisplayFilesystemDisplay ISO Filesystem
GameCRCTipChecks the game data CRC if a verified ini is found to make sure that your game data isn't corrupt. Disabling this option is not recommended unless you're one of those cheating douchebags who intentionally modifies game data.
HideSecretAchievementsHide secret ones
OnlineUpdateCheck for updates
ProtectedOptionsImportant options protected
RecurseSubdirsRecurse subdirectories when using Directory Input
ShowAchievementsShow Achievements
ShowAvatarAwardsShow Avatar Awards
StayOfflineDisable all online functions of abgx360
StealthCheckCheck Stealth
StealthCheckTipChecks that your game appears to have a valid SS (which is required for it to boot on ANY firmware) and appears to have valid stealth files which match the Xex.
UnprotectedOptionsImportant options unprotected
UseColorsUse colors
VerbosityTextVerbosity Level:
VerifyVerify if Stealth passes
VerifyTipVerifies that your SS, stealth files and game data match a verified retail rip in the abgx360 online database. (Do not confuse this with the database; that's just a database of scene releases and has nothing to do with verification.) In order for a rip to become verified in the abgx360 database there must be two different uploads from rips which match in every way except for the RawSS CRC (which changes almost every time you rip a disc due to angle deviation). Verification will fail if no one has uploaded rips which share your SS/DMI combination (which changes for discs pressed on different equipment and from different masters). It shouldn't worry you if verification fails on your own rip; in that case you should be fine as long as stealth passes, your system is stable and you don't have AnyDVD or a similar app installed. However, if you're checking someone else's rip that you don't fully trust then it's recommended to set AutoFix to Level 3 (Use recommended settings "For untrusted rips" under the AutoFix tab), and if verification fails, abgx360 will attempt to find a new set of verified stealth files that match your Xex (and automatically patch them if found).

GUI output panel

CLIWindowCLI Window
MaximizeMaximize it
OpenFileWhenDoneOpen file when done
ProgramOutputProgram Output
SaveButtonToolTipChoose the file where program output will be saved
TerminalFontUse Terminal font characters
TextFileText File

GUI quickstart tab


GUI rebuilding tab

ChooseTheMethodChoose the method for rebuilding an ISO if it's missing space for a video partition.
KeepOriginalISODon't delete the original ISO after rebuilding
NoRebuildDon't rebuild
RebuildDefaultDefault Method
RebuildDefaultTipRequires 7 to 7.5 GB free space on the partition your ISO is located.
RebuildLowSpaceLow Disk Space Method
RebuildLowSpaceTipOnly requires 253 MB free space but will corrupt your ISO if it fails during the rebuilding process.